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Metal Brite H. D. – rust and metal tarnish remover

Liquid detergent compound containing phosphoric acid and non-ionic surfactants, used for rust removal and as a surface brightener.

Directions for Use and Dose Rates Metal Brite H.D. should always be used in a plastic bucket. Acid should always be added to water, never the reverse. Remove dirt, rust flakes, oil and grease prior to using Metal Brite H.D. Apply Metal Brite H.D. to surfaces to be cleaned as follows; For removal of rust stains on painted surfaces, a solution of 10-30% should be sufficient. Rinse off with water 15-20 minutes after application. For removal of light cement stains and lime, apply a 50% solution, and high pressure wash after 30-40 minutes, and for solidified cement use Descaling Liquid. For removal of light rust and scale in pipelines and tanks, re-circulate a solution of 5- 10% Metal Brite H.D. For discoloration of stainless steel and epoxy coated tanks use the same method. For removal of white residues from epoxy-coatings that sometimes remains after carriage of Stearin, Olein, Palm fatty acid etc., re-circulate a solution of 5-10% Metal Brite H.D. When injected, use a 5% solution. Re-circulate or inject until residue is removed.

Product Properties APPEARANCE: DENSITY, in g/cm3 at 15°C: FLASH POINT, (PMCC) in °C: pH, 1 vol-%:

Light yellow liquid 1.3 N/A 2

COMPATIBILITY: Metal: Long term exposure may lead to corrosion of mild steel, cast iron aluminium & alloys, brass, tin or galvanised material. Rubber: No known effect.

Ordering information

Product no:

651 571679 – 25 litre plastic container 651 655506 – 210 litre plastic container

Features, Benefits and Applications

  • Does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds.

  • Non-flammable.

  • Removes light rust and rust stains.

  • Cleans and passivates ferrous metal surfaces, inhibits further corrosion, and

gives a base which paint will adhere.

  • Removes tarnish from non-ferrous metals.

  • Surface brightening including aluminium.

  • Removes rust stains from painted, ceramic and wooden surfaces.

  • Economical in use.

  • Approved by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product

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