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Foam-Agent – foam additive

Foam-agent is a water based non-flammable product. When using this foam additive, the cleaning efficiency of the cleaning chemicals will be enhanced. It will also give a more economical use of the cleaning chemicals.

Directions of Use and Dose Rates Foam-Agent can be used together with the below mentioned water based cleaning chemicals. This makes it possible to apply the chemicals as foam, and prevent that the cleaning chemicals run off from vertical surfaces. The Foam Agent can be used with; Aquatuff, Aquabreak PX, Metal Brite H.D. & Descaling Liquid*

  • *

    - If used with Descaling liquid the solution should be used as soon as possible after


Add 50 ml Foam-Agent per 10 litres washing solution, mix and apply with foam- equipment onto soiled surfaces. Follow the directions for use for the actual cleaning product.

Product Properties APPEARANCE: DENSITY, in g/cm3 at 15°C: FLASH POINT, (PMCC) in °C: pH, in conc. at 20 °C: COMPATIBILITY: Metal: No known effect. Rubber: No known effect. Synthetic rubber: No known effect.

Light yellow liquid 1.05 - 1.06 N/A 8-9

Ordering information

Product no:

651 614537 – 5 litre plastic container

Features, Benefits and Applications

  • Biodegradable.

  • Does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds.

  • Non-flammable.

  • Suitable for use with our water based alkaline cleaning chemicals.

  • Prevents that the chemicals run off from vertical surfaces, and increases the

resident time.

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product

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