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Step 5 – Application of temporary hold coating

  • Make sure that the cargo hold is clean and dry before applying Slip-Coat.

  • Fill a suitable drum with Slip-Coat or use the Slip-Coat drum if supplied in 210ltre drum.

  • Insert the suction hose into the drum.

  • Assemble the kit and fit the Slip-Coat nozzle to the Lance.

  • Connect the air distributor to the ships air line.

  • Open the ball valves on the Lance, and apply Slip-Coat from the top and downwards in a sweeping pattern until a section is covered.

  • When the drum is empty refill it and continue until the whole hold has been covered.

NOTE: Slip-Coat is a “ready to use product and must not be mixed with water or diluted. NOTE: the air valve on the lance is not to be used in this application.

I As soon as the surface appears wet, a proper film is created. n o r d e r t o k e e p t h e d r y i n g t i m e t o a m i n i m u m a v o i d t h i c k l a y e r s . O n e l i t r e o f 2

Slip-Coat covers 15-20m NOTE: apply the hold coating in as thin layer as possible.

  • Depending on the temperature and humidity, the drying time may vary from

10 min to 2 hours. Allow the film to dry completely before loading the cargo.

Step 6 – Rinsing of equipment

  • Fill the drum with FRESH water.

  • Connect the air distributor to the ships air line.

  • Open the Chemical outlet valve and flush the Chemical delivery hose and the

Lance as well as all nozzles that have been used.


Wilhelmsen Ships Service assumes that persons responsible for carrying out cleaning operations are familiar with the guidelines published in SOLAS, ISGOTT and other relevant guides and/or local port restrictions and laws that will pertain to such operations.

Revision date: 04/2008

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