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Hikers will use maps and guidebooks to plan their hike. They will need to decide where they will park, how far they can go, whether they can hike a loop trail or go up and back along the same route, the difficulty of the hike, how long it will take them, and what to pack.

On the next two pages you will find a guide- book description of the A.T. through Harpers Ferry, along with a map of the A.T. highlighted in yellow.

Answer the questions and plan your hike through Harpers Ferry.

The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club produces the Appalachian rail Guide to Maryland and Northern

irginia with Side rails. The following is an ex- cerpt for the Trail through Harpers Ferry (bold numbers display the mileage for each section):

Detailed rail Data—North to South

0.0 Bulletin Board at end of brick walkway. An adjacent post bears A.T. blaze. Turn right and pass under trestle ahead. (Over- look on left has superb view of Potomac and Shenandoah confluence.) Then turn left onto Shenandoah St., the first street past the trestle. (On left is replica of fire engine house in which John Brown made his stand. Old Federal arsenal foundations are adjacent.) Go one block on Shenan- doah St., passing building with “John Brown Story” sign.

0.1 Turn right onto High Street. (The park visitor center is straight ahead on Shenan- doah St.) Turn left past first house on left and ascend very steep stairway. (To reach the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) Headquarters and a post office, continue on High St. (becomes Washington St.)


Leave No trace Principles

  • 1.

    Know BeforeYou GoBe Prepared.

  • 2.

    Choose the Right PathStay on the Trail.

  • 3.

    TrashYour TrashPack it in. Pack it out.

  • 4.

    Leave WhatYou FindAs you found it

  • 5.

    Be Careful With FireUse a camp stove.

  • 6.

    Respect WildlifeNever approach, feed, or follow

7. Be Kind to Other Visitors Listen to nature and avoid loud noises.

Care for Special Places Visit Leave No Trace, Inc. www.lnt.org for more information

about 0.5 mi to its intersection with Storer College Place. ATC is on the left corner. A post office is two blocks farther.) Ahead, pass “Armory Workers’ Apartments” on right and continue straight up road, passing Robert Harper’s House (1775-81, the town’s oldest) on right corner and St Peter’s Roman Catholic Church (1833) on left.

    • 0.2

      Go straight up stairs, leaving road where road bears to right, and pass ruins of St. John’s Episcopal Church (1852) on right. Seventy yards ahead, go right at fork by “Harper Cemetery” sign. (Left path leads a few yards to excellent view from Jefferson Rock.)

    • 0.3

      Go straight at crosspaths. (Path on right leads a few yards to Harpers Cemetery.) Ahead, the Trail undulates along the cliff. Watch for poison ivy.

    • 0.4

      Go straight. Stay on cliff and ignore intersecting paths ahead.

    • 0.7

      Blue-blazed trail leads 0.2 mi right to ATC headquarters. Go straight on trail, veering

left. Ahead go right at fork.

1.0 Descend cliff to junction of US 340 and Shenandoah St. Follow narrow pedestrian walk across bridge over Shenandoah River.”


Based on the information above and the weather today, what would you pack for a hike?

Using the map key on the next page identify how trails are marked on the map and locate the A.T. and other trails. Identify a loop hike that you might take that includes the A.T., other types of trails and/or roads.What is the estimated mileage of your planned hike?

How long do you think it would take you to hike your planned route?

Note—You can also hike to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Visitor Center and Headquarters from the Appalachian Trail


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