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2510332 - February 2009


Non-Imaging or Non-Projection Applications

There are many uses for the DMD outside of projection applications. The DMD is basically an array of digitally controlled switching mirrors that can be used to control or direct light into one of two directions in an addressable pattern at very high speeds. There are many applications for this that do not project an image. For example, switching or directing light in a fiber optic switching network, signal leveling in a fiber optic network, beam direction and patterning for a biomedical or machine vision or lithographic application, and countless others. Consider Figure 1 again, but imagine instead that a pulsed laser beam was injected into the DMD along what is shown as the On-State Energy path. That beam could then be directed into one of two directions +/- 24 degrees away from the entry direction of the beam, and can be done in sync with the pulse repetition rate of a laser at a very high rate, and the output beam could be patterned into these two directions differently over the entire array at a very high speed. When you consider the DMD as a digital switch array rather than a microdisplay device, many new uses may come to mind. DLP® Discovery™ Kits and the Discovery team are available to help you realize new applications.


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