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Stereotype in static load and minimal motor activity during sitting results often in low back pain. The complex rehabilitation recommends an alteration of various sitting position. Recent therapeutic approach offers a dynamic condition of sitting. It is assumed that such condition has a positive influence on the neural processing and musculoskeletal part of motor system. In co-operation with Departments of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of FNsP and of SNOP in Bratislava we tested whether the dynamic condition of sitting on the air pillow (PC pillow) could be a prevention of lower back pain in patients whose sitting position is the most common working posture.

Observation was based on patient’s estimation of pain by visual analogy scale, clinical observation and postural activity measurement during sitting. Patients were evaluated before rehabilitation, after rehabilitation and after one month period of sitting on the PC pillow (fy ProKinesis). The posturographic measurement was performed using the test-chair developed at UNPF SAV. Stabilograms were recorded during sitting on the lateral unstable force platform. The subject was sitting at the 10 cm thick foam, with eyes closed and arms stretched imitating PC writing. The stability of sitting was characterized by the statokinezigram area (TA) and amplitude (Ax) and velocity (Rx) of lateral body tilts were used to estimate muscles activity, i.e. ergonomic of sitting.

The results confirmed the positive influence of rehabilitation and dynamic condition of sitting in patients with the low back pain. The subjective and objective indicators  improved, i.e. the pain was reduced after one month sitting on the PC pillow. Evaluation of postural stability in sitting on soft surface with eyes closed showed the improvement of sitting posture after rehabilitation and also after sitting on the PC pillow (Fig.1). During sitting with arms stretched, we found significant improvement of posture with decrease of parameters Ax, Rx and TA after the one month sitting on PC pillow. It is important to notice  that the prolonged sitting on the PC air pillow induced further posture improvement in comparison to the condition after rehabilitation (Fig. 1). From this point of view we recommend the application of sitting on PC pillow as a part of complex and preventive rehabilitation.

Obr. 1.   Improvement of balance during sitting charakterized by reduce of  mean values of posturographic parameters  after rehabilitation and period of dynamic condition of sitting.

Aplikátor:FRO, Mickiewiczova 13, FNsP Bratislava (MUDr. K. Hornáček)

FRO, ŠNOP, Zahradnícka 42, Bratislava (MUDr. M. Čepíková)

Publikácia:Horňáček K, Adamcová N, Hlavačka F, Čepíková M. Dynamický sed zmierňuje bolesť a upravuje posturálnu funkciu u pacientov s funkčnou patológiou pohybového systému, Rehabilitácia, 42(1), 2005, 31-36.

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