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Whisper quiet operation Bosch dishwashers have been designed to be whisper quiet. Multiple levels of soundproofing materials on the roof, sides and door of the dishwasher combined with a vibration-proof base plate and specially mounted motor pump, all help in reducing any noise while the load is being washed. Twin pumps and a closed water cycle produce less noise as the water is distributed equally through the spray arms.

Half-load option For smaller loads, selected Bosch dishwashers offer the convenience of a standard wash in the upper basket only. Using as little as 11 litres of water and 0.9kWh of concentrated energy, you can save more water and energy at the touch of a button. In fact, we could have called this the ‘2-in-1’ dishwasher. Dishwashers that feature half-load include a small cutlery basket in the upper rack.

Optimised showering system The uniquely designed curved spray arms feature ultra-precision spray jets. These spray jets are located on 5 levels ensuring the water reaches every nook and cranny on and around the dishes. The 5th level actually sprays downwards so that the extra large filter is cleaned continuously and functions with maximum efficiency to keep the wash cavity clean and hygienic.

Bosch dishwashing innovations

  • AquaSensor III

  • AquaStop™

  • AquaVario®

  • VarioSpeed™

  • VarioFlex® basket AquaSensor III The AquaSensor III constantly checks the progress of the wash

and adjusts the programme to suit the level of soiling. This is done through activation of the Auto Programmes. Simply select the programme of your choice and the AquaSensor III will decide exactly the right temperature to use, how long to wash for and how much water should be used in the cycle! If there is only slight soiling, the water is re-utilised for the main wash. Saving you up to 20% of water for the whole wash.

AquaStop™ (anti-flood protection) Patented by Bosch in 1985 and copied throughout the world, the AquaStop™ safety system prevents any type of water damage – whether at the inlet hose or because of a leak in the machine. Bosch issues a safety warranty for this for the entire life of the dishwasher.

AquaVario® – automatic spray pressure control Your finest stems are best washed by hand, or even better, by a Bosch dishwasher with AquaVario® – because it treats them just as carefully as you do. AquaVario® automatically adjusts the force of the spray to suit the level of soiling: low pressure for stems and delicate porcelain and maximum pressure for heavily soiled pots and pans.

Intensive cleaning with high-pressure spray for pots and pans.

Normal cleaning with medium-pressure spray for lightly soiled crockery.

Gentle cleaning with low-pressure spray for glasses and delicate porcelain.


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