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Step 4:Decide and take action

Decide what to do – to proceed, or not.

Do a hindsight check – spell out the reasons why a decision has been made.

Examine the need for a decision as well as the risks involved.

Make things happen – putting the output of thinking to work.

Taking a new approach

Being creative means using a different approach to the way you solve certain problems. This is not something you need to do all the time, for example when a problem is clear or close-ended. However, if a problem is open-ended and has a number of potential solutions, start to apply what you have learned about effective thinking.

“…thinking is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and developed. But you have to want to develop that skill. You need to learn how to ride a bicycle or drive a car…”

Edward de Bono


Edward de Bono: Teach Yourself to Think.

Moi Ali, George Boulden, et al: Thinking Creatively.

3. What is the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)?

The South African Qualifications Authority Act (1995) created a new framework for education and training in South Africa by:

Creating a single, unified system of classifying qualifications (the National Qualifications Framework or NQF)

Creating the institutions and infrastructure to ensure that these qualifications are of a high quality.

In the past, learning done at institutions such as technikons, technical colleges and universities was viewed as “education”, and learning within companies was viewed as “training”. Often there was no formal recognition for training. According to the SAQA Act both education and training are recognized forms of learning, and individuals should be able to move freely between these two types of learning.

The NQF is a framework on which qualifications, courses, and learning programmes are registered. Achievements obtained by learners are recorded and recognized nationally. It is therefore an integrated approach towards education and training.

The objectives of the NQF are as follows:

Create an integrated national framework of learning achievements;

Facilitate access to, and mobility and progression within education, training and career paths;

Enhance the quality of education and training;

Accelerate the redress of past unfair discrimination in education, training and employment opportunities, and thereby

Contribute to the full personal development of each learner and the social and economic development of the nation at large.

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