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"Who's Bastard?" "The Boot and Shoe Trade and Regulatory Directorate." "What would they do?" "Put the boot in.  A friend of mine had to leave the industry." "What did he do wrong?" "Sold a pair of carpet slippers." "What's wrong with that?" "Turned  out the guy didn't have a carpet.  So you see.  I need to build up a full profile of you.  For example, do you need the shoes for business or pleasure or business and pleasure?  How many shoes have you got already? How  many are casual, smart, trainers and sandals?  How many suits and what colour are they?   Do you have athlete's foot?  Can you touch your toes? Any corns or bunions or has your family a history of foot rot?  What kind of socks do you wear?  How often do you cut your toenails?  How much do you earn and what's your overall budget?  Well, thank you for that information ...  I'll give it some serious thought and will be able to advise you about the appropriate product in two week's time."

Two weeks later...

"Ah, good morning sir I've given your enquiry serious thought and what you need is a pair of black leather shoes." "Isn't that what I asked for in the first place?" "With respect sir, you have had the benefit of my professional advice based upon  all  the  relevant  facts  as  provided  and  you  now know with some certainty  that  you require black leather shoes.  All the guesswork's been taken  out  of  it.   Here's your Risk Analysis - I recommend you buy these leather  shoes  because  they'll keep your feet dry, match your suits, look smart and you can afford them." "Well, I'm glad that's settled." Right.  Please complete this application form.  Here's a quotation for your signature.  It shows a complete breakdown of costs and profits and includes my 1.27% commission.  The product particulars describe in great detail how the  shoes  are  made  and  the "key features" are a summary of the product particulars, highlighting the risk factors. "Risk factors?

"Yes, for example, if you live too long the shoes may need repairing.  On the other hand,  if  you die before you've had your wear out of them, I'm afraid  there'll be no refund, even if they don't fit another member of the family.  So just to recap: you've got my card, Letter of Introduction, your Statuary Notice, product particulars, key features, quotation and Risk Analysis.   Now please take a seat while we await the letter from my head office advising you that I do in fact work for this company.  By the way, there is a cooling off period - you can still return the shoes within 30 days and receive a full refund if you don't like them for any reason. Incidentally, how are you paying?" "Cash."  

"Well, sir, we have to consider the possibility of money laundering, so would you mind nipping home for a telephone bill or utility bill, your last tax return with your tax number clearly printed by SARS and a certified copy of your South African Identity document to prove your identity so that I can be sure that you are genuine and not mixed up in some sort of unsavoury financial arrangement?  And one last thing, sir, do any of your friends require shoes?"

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