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1. What is the value of lifelong learning?

Learning is a process of active engagement with experience. It may involve an increase in skills, knowledge, understanding, values or the capacity to reflect. Effective learning will lead to change, development and a desire to learn more.

Lifelong learning means making a commitment to continue learning and improving one's skills, knowledge, understanding etc throughout the duration of your life. This learning could be personal, professional, academic, general - the list is endless.

The following are some benefits of being a lifelong learner:

You become adaptable and change-worthy i.e. constant change no longer scares you

You ensure your continued employability and marketability by learning new job skills

You increase your performance and promotability by enhancing existing skills

You can expand your work/professional credentials to broaden your experiences and prepare for career transitions

You can prepare for obtaining formal qualifications

You can network with other participants who have similar goals and experiences

You can challenge your personal standards for excellence to reach new levels

You can discover insights into how to make your personal and professional life more efficient, effective and enjoyable

You can develop new interests by simply trying something new

You can keep motivated when life gets a little overwhelming

You can fulfill personal and professional aspirations

2. Getting creative

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the process of challenging accepted ideas and ways of doing things in order to find new solutions or concepts. Being creative means seeing ideas or objects in a different context, either by recognizing the potential to be used in a different way, or by putting previously unconnected ideas together to create something completely new. We generate ideas by thinking creatively and then we use logical thinking to turn these thoughts into realistic actions.

The importance of Creative Thinking

The ability of human beings to find creative solutions to problems is essential for the well being of the human race:

Thinking is the most fundamental human skill

Your skill in thinking will determine your happiness and success in life

You need thinking to make plans, take initiatives, solve problems, open up opportunities and design your way forward

Thinking is fun and enjoyable – if you learn how to make it so

Thinking is a skill that can be learned, practiced and developed

Understanding Logical and Creative Thinking

When we are faced with a familiar problem, logical thinking enables us to tap into our personal experiences and find a suitable solution with the minimum of effort. By assessing a situation against your relevant experience, you can choose the most appropriate path, and move towards

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