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a solution. This logical approach, which is also known as convergent thinking, is very efficient. However, it can become a barrier when you have little relevant experience; when there are more than one potential solution, or when you need a brand new solution.

Divergent thinking, or creative thinking, involves opening up your mind to find new solutions and new ways of doing things. Instead of taking your usual, logical approach to a problem, you can learn to suspend your judgment and look for different, more inventive solutions. Once you have generated as many ideas as possible in this way, use a logical thinking process to refine your ideas and identify the best solution to the problem.

Unlocking Creativity

Unlock your creativity and empower yourself to question your ways of doing things. “Where will you end up if you always apply the same way of thinking?” or “Where will you end up if you act without thinking?”

A person who is able to work outside the bounds of his / her experiences, will be more successful in the long run. You can also become more creative if you remember to:

Use your imagination

Remain open-minded

Connect the unconnected

Generate new solutions

Challenge old ideas

Ask questions

Develop a Framework for Effective Thinking

The following steps will provide you with a framework for effective thinking, integrating divergent and convergent thinking processes:

Step 1:Identify the direction of your thinking

What is the focus / purpose of your thinking?

What do you hope to achieve with your thinking?

What are you thinking about?

Step 2: Obtain information and generate possibilities

Identify different sources of information

Ask questions to obtain information from other people.

Determine the quality of information obtained.

Identify the perceptions and feelings of the people involved.

Make the ‘most’ of information, by reading between the lines.

Generate as many possibilities as you can.

Do not immediately evaluate each possibility as it arises  - you will stay firmly within your own thinking.

Step 3: Choose between possibilities

Develop possibilities to become usable ideas.

Spend time improving and building up the idea.

Do not be satisfied just because an idea seems good – it may be possible to make it even better.

Divide possibilities into groups of stronger and weaker.

Choose some quality or character, which all usable ideas should have.

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