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have kids walk to school. Speeding traffic was one concern. Fear of bullies and strangers was another. Sections of sidewalks in disrepair were also a problem.

Recognizing the potential problem through the evaluation process leads to other parts of the 5Es.

Although bicyclists are required to follow the same rules of the road as motorists,

younger children who haven t taken a driv

s education course won t necessarily be

aware of bike safety. The education component can make a difference. Many

communities sponsor bike rodeos, bring certified cycling instructors into the schools, or

incorporate bike and pedestrian safety into health or physical education course.

The encouragement component adds the element of fun to the SRTS program. Hundreds of children and parents have participated in alk­to­School Day in Farmington. Sometimes a single event such as a walking or biking day is used to raise awareness and kick off a more comprehensive program. To overcome concerns about exposing children to crime,

escort programs have been used in some communities. These include the walking school bus or a rolling bike train. With either approach, a group of youngsters accompanied by an adult volunteer find safety in numbers while the grownup encourages kids to follow safety rules.

In Concord, a concern about speeding motorists prompted an enforcement campaign in which the local police increased their visibility near schools at the beginning and end of the academic day. Signs showing the speed limit and a radar­generated display of a motorists actual speed helped slow traffic.

Physical changes are part of the final


lassified as engineering solutions. These

range from new signs and road markings to new or repaired sections of sidewalks or bike



The planning efforts of the local SRTS task force can be valuable whether or not a community decides to compete for federal reimbursement for its projects.

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