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  • Ending modules (14-21) may be the most difficult depending on your type of phlebotomy experience and areas of responsibility. These modules review the reasons for different types of specimen collection containers, difficult draws, patient complications, arterial draws, unusual tests, specimen processing, non blood specimens, quality assurance, legal issues, etc.

Module components:

  • Reading Assignment

  • Objectives

  • Overview

  • Notes and Exercises

  • Resources

  • Module Exam

The modules are very straightforward and should be approached in the following


Reading Assignment.

Read the chapter and pages in the textbook,

Phlebotomy Essentials, associated with that module. If you don’t have access to this book, you will need to purchase a book before starting the course. A convenient link to Amazon.com is on the opening page of the course.

The Syllabus also lists the reading assignments for each module. Depending on your level of current knowledge and experience, the time commitment needed for reading each module topic will vary. Some chapters, which contain more technical knowledge and memorization, will require more careful reading and study. Others will only need to be skimmed for an overview of the topic.

For instance, the module on Phlebotomy Equipment should be fairly easy, as you use this equipment every day. The module on the Circulatory System will be more difficult, since it requires memorization of the structures of the heart and how blood flows through it.

To increase the flexibility of this course, read the textbook at times when you will not be using the computer. The computer will not be with you during slow times at work, during your break times, during your times standing in line at the grocery store, nor during times when you are at a child’s sports event. It is easy to have the textbook with you whenever you have a few extra minutes in your day.


Read the objectives of the module to familiarize yourself with

the topics to be covered in each module. A comprehensive list of objectives for

all the modules also appears in the course syllabus. Please note that the modules and topics covered will not always follow the exact order of the


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