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Module Exam.

Your last assignment in each module is to take the timed

module exam. Each module exam consists of 20 questions, from a pool of

module questions, randomly chosen by the computer for each learner. You will have 15 minutes to complete each module exam. The timing is done to prepare you for taking a timed National Phlebotomy Exam. Your goal is to get a 75% or higher on each Module Exam. If you wish to retake an exam for a module, you

may do so.

Course final exam.

There is no requirement for you to pass the preceding

module before attempting another module. However, you must pass the Final

Exam with a 75% before you will be issued a training certificate for completion of this Online Phlebotomy Course. The final exam consists of 100 questions, from a pool of questions, randomly chosen by the computer for each learner. Set aside 90 minutes to complete the final exam. Timing the final exam is important

because it prepares you for taking a timed National Phlebotomy Exam.

Test taking hints.

  • Read the question carefully. Be alert for key words that change the

meaning of the question, such as “always, not, most often and never.”

  • Scan the answers first to determine the commonality.

  • Multiple-choice questions generally follow a pattern. This pattern is two answers that don’t fit, one answer that is close and one answer that is correct.

  • You may be out of practice with reading technical material and need to practice reading and comprehension. Do as many practice exams as possible.

  • If you find that you are having a difficult time with remembering something, make flash cards, crib sheets, spreadsheets, flowcharts or some other study material that will help you remember. Often the act of writing the material down in your own method of note taking will be the best way to memorize.

  • Don’t just study the material to pass the test, know it! Study as though you are going to have to teach it to someone. Discuss it with your coworkers and drill each other. Learn the material to use it and to make your phlebotomy skills better.

  • For the National Exams, answer the questions you know first. Do not spend excessive time on those you do not know. If you don’t know, you can make a more educated guess at the end. For the National Exams,


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