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Stylus transmitter and the LML should sound the lost model tone.  Power the Stylus back up and the lost model tone should stop.

If you flip the ALT switch to the DOWN position the lost model tone will sound.  If the lost model tone sounds when the switch is flipped up and you prefer the opposite direction, either you can go to the Reverse menu (REV) and flip the direction of channel #8 OR you can go to the GEAR menu and enter –150% in GEAR-1 and 150% in GEAR-2.

If you would prefer the LML to be located on a different physical channel or use a smaller receiver with fewer channels, then you can re-map the GEAR function to a different channel by doing the following:

Decide which channel where you would like the LML to be located.  Let’s assume that you have chosen the Left Flap channel (this example has the Advanced Glider Card installed).  Plug the LML into channel #6 of the receiver.

Scroll to the switch menu (SW) and scroll to C-MIX1.  Set the switch assignment to always be ON.  Scroll to the EPA menu and set the value for the Left Flap to 0% for both directions of the flap stick.  This prevents any flap or flap stick movement from mixing into the re-mapped Gear channel that will be controlling the LML.

Scroll to the C-MIX menu and select C-MIX #1.  Scroll to the second line and set the Master (MAS) to Gear (GE) and the Slave (SLA) to Left Flap (LF). Scroll back to the first line and set the percentage of travel to 150% then flip the switch earlier assigned to the LML activation and set the percentage of travel to 150%.

With the transmitter and receiver turned ON and the LML plugged into channel #6, the lost model tone can be activated or de-activated by flipping the ALT switch or whatever switch you’ve assigned to the Gear.

Airtronics Vision with PCM receiver and switch activated lost tone:

Plug the Lost Model Locator into the channel #8 as designated for GEAR control and detailed in the operator’s manual.

Scroll to the Modulation menu (MOD) and select PCM8 modulation as detailed in the operator’s manual.

You need to enable the gear switch, which is the top, right, forward toggle switch.  Scroll to the CONFIG column then down to Gear Mode? And press INC so that the display shows “YES”.  Move to the SURFACE column.  Scroll down to the Gear Travel (GEAR TV1) menu and enter 100%.  Scroll down to the next Gear Travel (GEAR TV2) menu and enter –75%.

With the transmitter powered up and the GEAR switch pressed away from you, power up the receiver.  After the LML beeps the number of cells in the battery pack, flip the GEAR switch toward you and the lost model tone will sound.  If you prefer the opposite switch direction, either you can go to the Reverse menu under CONFIG and flip the GEAR channel

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