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the Fail Safe value to the receiver.  Flip the GEAR switch to turn off the lost model tone.  The lost model tone will sound when the transmitter is powered OFF for more than 1.0 seconds.

JR-XP8103 with PPM receiver and switch activated lost tone:

Plug the Lost Model Locator into the GEAR channel #5 (ACRO mode) as designated for GEAR control and detailed in the operator’s manual.

Scroll to the Modulation menu (MOD) and select PPM modulation or as detailed in the operator’s manual.

Scroll to the Travel Adjust menu (TRVL ADJ) and move to the Gear travels. Set the top value to +100%.  Flip the gear switch (top, front, left switch) to its opposite direction, and set the lower Gear travel to –150%.

With the transmitter powered up, power up the receiver.  After the LML beeps the number of cells in the battery pack, flip the GEAR switch and the lost model tone will sound.  If you prefer the opposite switch direction, either you can go to the Reverse menu and reverse the GEAR channel direction OR you can go to the GEAR Travel menus and enter transpose the travel values.

Troubleshooting Suggestions:

If you feel that you are getting false low voltage tones, first verify that you are using a fully charged 4 or 5-cell NiCAD or NiMH battery pack.

If the low voltage tone is still present, plug the battery directly into the receiver, side-stepping the switch harness.  If the low voltage tone begins working properly, then replace the switch harness.

If the low voltage tone is still present, try a different battery pack.  If the low voltage tone works properly, then examine the wires on the battery pack and replace the wires or replace the entire battery pack.

If the low voltage tone is present when multiple servos are actuated at once, move the stick to actuate one servo at a time while continuously moving the stick for at least 2 seconds on that axis.  If the low voltage tone is activated when the same servo is actuated, then check that servo for linkage or surface binding.  If no binding is found, then replace the servo.

Transmitters and Receivers tested:

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