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Fish Sorting

Cut out each of the fish cards on this page, then follow your teacher’s instructions for

sorting the fish into categories. After you have compared your classification system with your classmates, follow the steps in the fish key below to identify the names of the fish.

Fish key

Step 1 If fish shape is long and skinny…

Step 3 If fish has both eyes on top of the head…

then go to Step 2

then go to step 4

If fish shape is not long and skinny…

If fish has one eye on each side of the head…

then go to step 3

then go to step 5

Step 2 If the fish has pointed fins, it is a trumpet fish

Step 4 If the fish has long whip-like tail, it is a spotted eagle ray

If the fish has smooth fins, it is a spotted moray eel

If the fish has short, blunt tail, it is a peacock flounder

Step 5 If fish has spots…

then go to step 6

If fish does not have spots… then go to step 7

Step 6 If fish has chin “whiskers,” it is a spotted goat fish

If fish does not have chin “whiskers,” it is a band-tail puffer

Treasures of the Great Barrier Reef

Step 7 If fish has stripes…

then go to step 8

If fish does not have stripes, it is a glassy sweeper

Step 8 If fish has a v-shaped tail, it is a squirrel fish

If fish has a blunt tail, it is a glass-eye snapper


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