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Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh messages Mac OS 8.1-9.x specific messages

The “Start Time” for the displayed event can’t be saved until a valid number is entered in the <“minute”>, <“hour”>, or <“day”>, <“month”>, or <“year”> field.

In the Scheduler, make sure you enter a valid date and time for the event you are scheduling.

The scheduled events could not be saved because an error occurred: <error string>

Try deleting the Norton Schedule File (located in the Preferences folder within the System folder) and rescheduling the event.

There is no printer selected in the Chooser, or the selected printer could not be found.

You can’t print the Activity Log or scan report because your printer could not be found. Reselect the printer in the Chooser and try again.

There is not enough memory to add any more items to the scan report. You can continue scanning but non-infected items will be removed from the scan report and will not be added as the scan continues.

Norton AntiVirus uses available memory to store items for the scan report. If you have many files, you will not be able to record all items to scan. You can change the Report Preferences to record infected files only.

Mac OS 8.1-9.x specific messages

Norton AntiVirus could not locate the “Norton AntiVirus Macro Scan Lib” in the “Norton AntiVirus Additions” folder. It is required to scan for macro viruses.

The Norton AntiVirus Additions folder may not be in the default location. It must be in the Extensions folder in the active System Folder. For more information, see the NAV Install Log File located on the root of your hard disk. Try reinstalling Norton AntiVirus.

A network error occurred that will prevent Norton AntiVirus from alerting the Norton AntiVirus NT or NLM Server when a virus is found. You can continue, but any viruses identified will not be reported to a network server.

If you want to alert others on the network, save the scan report and send it separately. Also, make sure that you are on the network.


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