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To prevent files from not getting scanned, do the following:


Make sure that you are the only one logged on to the server when scanning network drives.


Shut down the server and restart it from the Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh CD, then perform the scan.

Using Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect on a server


Using Norton AntiVirus on a network Using Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect on a server

Use Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect on your network servers to protect against viruses. Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect monitors file activity and alerts you if a virus tries to infect any applications on the server.

In Mac OS 8.1-9.x, if you are using the Prevention feature to monitor virus- like activities, you may experience delays because Norton AntiVirus Auto- Protect constantly monitors the Macintosh on which it is installed.

To prevent a network slowdown when Prevention features are active


In the Norton AntiVirus main window, click Preferences.


In the Prevention Preferences, click Standard. The Standard option monitors applications for the most common virus behavior, such as adding code instructions to an application file.

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In the Alert Preferences, click Remove alerts after.

In the seconds text box, type 0. This causes Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect to accept the default button in the alert box, and prevents virus-like activity alerts from preventing access to files on the server.


In the Report Preferences, under Which Alerts To Log, click All. This ensures that virus-like alerts are logged in the Activity Log so that you can view the alerts at a later time.

See “About Prevention Preferences” on page 98.

See “About Alert Preferences” on page 101.

Preparing an emergency response plan

To be fully prepared in case of a virus attack on a workstation, be sure to have a detailed emergency response plan written and distributed within your networking group before a problem arises. This maintains order and prevents panic in case of an infection.

The following sections include a partial listing of the items that should be included in your plan. Complete your plan based on the dynamics and needs of your organization.

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