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About Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh How Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh works

that their network and PC computers are protected by network-wide anti- virus solutions.

How Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh works

Norton AntiVirus monitors your computer for known and unknown viruses. A known virus is one that can be detected and identified by name. An unknown virus is one for which Norton AntiVirus does not yet have a definition.

Norton AntiVirus protects your computer from both types of viruses, using virus definitions to detect known viruses and Bloodhound technology to detect unknown viruses. Virus definitions and Bloodhound technology are used during scheduled scans and manual scans, and are used by Auto- Protect to constantly monitor your computer.

The virus definition service stops known viruses

See “Look up virus definitions on the Symantec Web site” on page 85.

The virus definition service consists of files that Norton AntiVirus uses to recognize viruses and intercept their activity. You can look up virus names in Norton AntiVirus and access an encyclopedia of virus descriptions on the Symantec Web site.

Bloodhound technology stops unknown viruses

Bloodhound is the Norton AntiVirus scanning technology for detecting new and unknown viruses. It detects viruses by analyzing an executable file’s structure, behavior, and other attributes such as programming logic, computer instructions, and any data contained in the file.

Auto-Protect keeps you safe

Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect loads into memory when your computer starts up, providing constant protection while you work. It eliminates viruses and Trojan horses, including macro viruses, and repairs damaged files. It monitors your computer for any unusual symptoms that may indicate an active virus. It also checks for viruses every time you use software programs on your computer, insert floppy disks or other removable media, use the Internet, or use document files that you receive or create.

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