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A self-replicating program intentionally written to alter the way your computer operates without your permission or knowledge. A virus attaches copies of itself to other files, and when activated, may damage files, cause erratic system behavior, or merely display annoying messages. Self- replication differentiates viruses from other virus-like computer infections such as Trojan horse programs and worms.

virus definition

Virus information that lets an anti-virus program recognize and alert you to the presence of a specific virus.

virus definitions file A file used by Norton AntiVirus to find and repair viruses. The virus definitions files must be updated regularly. LiveUpdate automates the process of downloading updated virus definitions files.

Virus List

A list that shows all of the viruses for which Norton AntiVirus has a virus definition. It is important to update this list regularly.

virus-like activity

An activity or action that Norton AntiVirus perceives as the work of a possible unknown virus. Virus-like activity alerts do not necessarily indicate the presence of a virus, but should be investigated.

Web page

A single document on the World Wide Web that is identified by a unique URL. A Web page can contain text, hyperlinks, and graphics.

Web site

A group of Web pages managed by a single company, organization, or individual. A Web site may include text, graphics, audio and video files, and hyperlinks to other Web pages.


A program that replicates without infecting other programs. Some worms spread by copying themselves from disk to disk, while others replicate only in memory to slow a computer down. So far, worms do not exist in the Macintosh world.


Write-protecting disks prevents viruses from infecting them. To write-protect a 3.5-inch disk, slide the tab on the back of the disk to uncover the hole through the disk. Also referred to as a locked disk or read-only disk.



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