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About Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh How to maintain protection

SafeZones isolate potentially damaging files

You risk infecting your computer every time you download or receive a file from the Internet or email or copy files from any other source.

SafeZones are special locations on your computer that are protected by Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect. To prevent virus infection, Auto-Protect scans any file for viruses that is copied or downloaded to an area designated as a SafeZone. The cursor changes to a special Auto-Protect cursor while files are scanned.

See “About SafeZone Preferences” on page 93.

In Mac OS 8.1-9.X, when you perform a standard installation, part of your computer is set up as a Custom SafeZone. You can designate any folder as a SafeZone. To configure your SafeZone settings to protect your entire computer, including email folders, Internet folders, and network volumes, establish a Universal SafeZone.

In Mac OS X v10.1, although you cannot designate custom SafeZones, all files written to disk, including all files downloaded or received via email, are scanned by Norton AntiVirus.

How to maintain protection

When Norton AntiVirus is installed, you have complete virus protection. However, new viruses are created constantly. Viruses can spread when you start your computer from an infected disk or when you run an infected program. There are several things you can do to avoid viruses and to recover quickly should a virus strike.

Avoid viruses

It is important that you practice regular file maintenance and that you keep Norton AntiVirus up-to-date.

To avoid viruses: Manually scan removable media. Write-protect removable media. 1 1


Stay informed about viruses by logging on to the Symantec Security Response Web site (http://securityresponse.symantec.com) where there is extensive, frequently updated information on viruses and virus protection.


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