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Prepositions expressing spatial relations are of two kinds: prepositions of location and preposition... - page 8 / 8





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In a) the street is understood as an area enclosed by the sidewalks on either side. Compare b) with

the discussion of sentence 3) in the first section. Here

locates the house on either side of Third

Street: it doesn't mean that the street is a surface on which the house sits. Because the street is

understood as a line next to which the house is situated,

functions much like

in its normal use:

it locates the house in relation to the street but does not specify the exact address. For that purpose,

is used because the address is like a particular point on the line. Compare: "Our house is at 323

Third Street." In c)

is an idiom meaning "poor" or "destitute."



are also used with means of transportation:

is used with a car,

with public or

commercial means of transportation:

the car the bus the plane the train the ship

Some speakers of English make a further distinction for public modes of transportation, using

when the carrier is stationary and

when it is in motion.

My wife stayed


The passengers sat


the bus while I got out at the rest stop. the plane awaiting takeoff.

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