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All utilities (water, gas, electricity) are on and operating at time of inspection (permanent power must be on the unit).

Water heater is properly installed, operational, equipped with the correct temperature-pressure relief valve and a discharge pipe is installed that is routed to the exterior of the structure or to a floor drain.

Plumbing is properly installed (no S-traps), leak-free and vented in accordance with building codes.

Air conditioning system is adequate, properly installed and operational. Heating system is adequate, properly installed and operational.

Primary heating cannot be provided by free-standing gas floor heaters or electric space heaters. Buildings have properly marked fire exists that meet building codes. No electrical hazards may be present. All pilot lights on gas stoves are in proper working order.

Proof that all gas appliances have been serviced by a licensed technician within twelve (12) months of the last inspection (Gas Certificate provided to AHA).

Proof that all operable fireplaces have been service by a licensed technician within twelve (12) months of the last inspection (Fireplace Certificate provided to AHA).

Dwelling Unit

Entire dwelling unit, including attics, crawlspaces and out buildings, must be readily accessible at time of the inspection. Attics and crawlspaces must be clean and free of hazards. All attics are required to be adequately insulated. Walls and ceilings are clean, painted and free from holes, peeling, chipping or loose paint.

Floors must be structurally sound and in good repair. Unit is free of any trash or debris. All appliances (e.g., stove, refrigerator) are clean and operable.

Each bedroom has a minimum ceiling height of seven (7) feet and must be at least eight (8) x ten (10) feet.

Each bedroom has at least four (4) square feet of closet space (the closet must also have a rod) that does not impede the eighty (80) square feet of floor space.

Each bedroom has at least two electrical outlets or one electrical outlet and a permanent light fixture.

Each bedroom must have a secondary means of exiting the unit, i.e. a window with a clear opening of at least 5.7 square feet and a maximum of 44 inches from the floor.

Any room which can be entered directly from a garage, i.e. through a door/window, shall not be considered a bedroom. Any room with a gas appliance (heater, water heater, dryer, etc.) or an unvented gas heater in the room or a closet shall not be considered a bedroom. Each bedroom must have a door for privacy. An operating smoke alarm is required outside of all bedrooms. An operating carbon monoxide detector is required outside of all bedrooms in homes that have a gas fired appliance. Stairs with four or more steps have handrails in accordance with building codes. If the unit has two or more bedrooms, the floor plan must permit access to a bathroom and common rooms without passage through a bedroom. Electrical outlets, switches, and light fixtures must be operable and safe, and meet building codes. Electrical outlets in “wet areas” (i.e. kitchen, bath, garage and exterior) require GFCI protection.

Doors are installed where required throughout the unit.

The hardware for doors must be present and in good repair. Bathroom doors have functioning locks. Toilets flush, drain properly and are secure to the floor. Sink, tub and shower plumbing drains properly, is leak free, with hot/cold water. Smoke alarms are installed on each level of the unit and are operational. Carbon Monoxide detectors are installed on each level for units with gas appliances. Kitchen has at least one charged (1) fire extinguisher. Carpet is clean and free of stains and tears. Security bars, if provided, must be operable from the interior of the room without use of tools or a key. Windows and doors are operable and are not blocked, nailed shut or in any other condition that would prevent egress. No propane, natural gas, or methane gas odor is detectable. No sewer odor is detectable. No evidence of insect or vermin presence.

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Previous editions are obsolete

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AHA Form HCX003500 (November 2010)

NOTE: The "Site/Vicinity" is generally defined as the geographical area which poses the greatest impact to the living conditions at or surrounding the subject property. AHA has sole discretion when defining Site/Vicinity. For further information on AHA Site/Vicinity requirements or other AHA Enhanced Inspection Standards, please contact us at the number listed below.

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