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K. Douglass

English 1A Honors

Diagnostic Writing Assignment

Due: Monday, February 23

This assignment is a diagnostic, which means that from it I will make a preliminary assessment to diagnose your writing strengths and weaknesses. This will give me a rough idea of how much instruction to provide for the first paper. It also will give you a rough idea of my grading style and expectations. There are two parts you have to turn in for this assignment: the three in-class freewrites from Wednesday’s class, and your typed, double spaced, MLA formatted response to this prompt.

MLA formatting:

All papers in this class need to be typed using double space and one inch margins on your paper. You should use Times or Times New Roman font; always have a title of your paper which does not require bold font, italics, or quotation marks. I would like it if you would put the name of the assignment before the title (but that isn’t a usual part of MLA format). Also, in the left corner of the page, also double spaced, is your name and the class info and date. So your paper should look like this:

John Doe

Kelly Douglass

English 1A Honors

23 February 2009

Diagnostic Writing Assignment:

Why Ken Burns is Wrong About America

Blah blah blah, my paper starts here. Notice that there are no extra spaces above or below

the title. You shouldn’t have them either.

All of the formal paper assignments you get in this class will have a rubric attached to them. This is a description explaining what requirements there are to earn what grade. You always need to attach your rubric to your assignment when you turn it in, because I will often use the rubric to highlight points that correspond to your paper, as well as write my usual correction notes.

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