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The AUP must be carefully drafted and make absolutely clear what is and is not permissible. Do you want to impose a blanket ban on personal surfing? Or permit it only during coffee and lunch breaks? Do you want to prohibit the use of peer-to-peer applications? What type of content should employees be prohibited from accessing? To what extent should employees be permitted to send personal e-mail? Unless the AUP is specific about permissible activities, an organization could find itself facing a costly and time consuming claim for unfair dismissal.

  • Education

The AUP should be supported with a company wide education program that sets out:-

  • o

    The reasons for the AUP

    • o

      That compliance is mandatory

    • o

      The conditions of the AUP

    • o

      The consequences of non-compliance

    • o

      The extent of monitoring

    • o

      Who an employee should approach with any questions about the AUP

An education program will not only clarify the AUP to employees and help ensure compliance it may also provide a defence against lawsuits by enabling an organization to demonstrate to the courts that all reasonable steps were taken to ensure that the workplace was free from harassment and non-hostile.

  • Technology

You wouldn’t trust your employees not to steal from the cash register simply because you had informed them not to – and nor should you trust your employees to voluntarily comply with the AUP. Most will, but some will not. Most organizations have found it necessary to either discipline or dismiss staff because of their misuse or abuse of computer equipment – and, if your organization has not yet found such action necessary, chances are that’s because you do not have the technology in place to enable you to discover breaches of the AUP.

To be effective, an AUP must be underpinned with a monitoring mechanism. Should it not be, some employees will intentionally or unintentionally fail to adhere to the rules and that is something which could prove to be extremely costly.


Deep Software’s Activity Monitor is a program that provides comprehensive monitoring and reporting functions. Activity Monitor consists of a server-side application and a client-side application that can be remotely installed on any computer in the network and is completely invisible to the end-user. For any computer on which the client application is installed, you can:-

  • View the desktop in real time

  • Monitor and log websites visited

  • Track application usage

  • Record e-mail sent and received

  • Record chats in IM programs

  • Record keystrokes in real time

  • Remotely control the computer

  • Schedule screen captures

  • Store activity logs in a centralized location

  • Export logs to HTML or Excel

  • And much more

Activity Monitor will provide you with all the information you need to be able to enforce your AUP and will help you:-

  • Eliminate cyberslacking and boost productivity


"We love this program it is the best program we have used and we have tested quite a few. It has helped tremendously in our silent monitoring of the customer services reps. Now the manager/team leaders can see what is happening while the customer is speaking with the rep. and can provide guidance on how to improve our systems or service."

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    JR Williams, Uline, System-

Network Engineering Lead

Employee Monitoring: An essential component of your risk management strategy

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