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vessels from passing through the Bosporus under a 1936 Montreux Treaty.

however, last week saw Turkish Prime Minister Re- cep Tayyip erdogan and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sign an agreement that would pump Russian oil through the Samsun-ceyhan pipeline to a planned oil re- finery in southern Turkey, from which the oil would be distributed to the rest of europe.

Turkey aims to reduce tanker traffic in straits

Turkey continues to take steps to reduce the danger- ous tanker traffic through the Turkish Bosporus straits. last week, Turkey and Rus- sia signed an agreement to construct Turkey's first nu- clear power plant and de- velop a pipeline that would carry Russian oil to the Med- iterranean through Turkey.

The congested Bosporus waterway bisects istanbul in the northwestern tip of the country.

in February, the Turk- ish Foreign Ministry asked oil companies that utilize the Bosporus strait to trans- port oil to "voluntarily" use the 550km Samsun-cey- han pipeline that is current-

ly being constructed as part of a consortium led by ita- ly's eNi and Turkey's Çalik Group at an estimated cost of 5 billion euros

Until recently, Russia strongly rebuked Turkey's efforts to minimize tanker traffic in the straits, alleging the Mediterranean country had no right to block civilian

"By taking these steps, Turkey is taking its position as an energy hub to a much different level," erdogan said. "The solidarity with Russia on this issue is of ut- most importance."

additionally, Turkey and Russia agreed to lift visa re- quirements between the two states to boost business and tourism.

"it is a historical agree- ment that will before any- thing else ease the life of millions of people," said Medvedev.

Turkish Ramzey will make Yamaha motorcycles

Ramzey, a Turkish com- pany, will begin producing motorcycles for Japanese- owned Yamaha, who ex- pects to export the bikes to africa. Ramzey has es- timated a production of 40,000 50 cc motorcycles in the next year, hoping to more than double that fig- ure in the next three years.

The deal will net about 30 million liras for the company, according to Ramzey coordinator Fevzi lütfi Yalnız, although ini- tial production costs will set them back up to 10 mil-

lion. Ramzey invested ap- proximately 5 million liras last year when the global motorocycle market be- gan a downward spiral due to the global economic crunch.

Doing so increased Ramzey's capacity by about 100 percent and increased the number of employees by 35 percent, said Yalniz.

"One of the reasons Yamaha chose us was our effectiveness in the afri- can market. Turkey’s qual- ity production and low cost duo does not exist in many

other countries around the world," he added.

The company currently exports primarily to Sen- egal, Morocco, and alge- ria Tunisia, and has an- nounced a plan to open a

factory in algeria. Yalniz remarked that Ramzey has become the "largest play- er of african market" and that 70 percent of their products are exported to the african continent.

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