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auls (villages) and its artistic trade, including carpet weav- ing, jewelry, pottery, mar- quetry (wood inlays), and coin engraving.

The uniqueness of Dag- estan as a prospective recre- ational region lies specifically in its combination of moun- tains and sea, which allows for a wide range of recre- ational activities. in southern Dagestan lies a unique group of mountains which may be of great interest to climbers (Shalbuzdag — 4149 m; Ba- zardjuzju — 4466 m; Yary- dag — 4100 m above sea level), and which could be the location of all-Russia climbing competitions at all levels of difficulty.

Taking in the watery expanses

The sea coast, foothill, and mountainous regions of the Republic of Dagestan make it a unique region in Russia. Such an abundance of quality climatic-balneo- logic resources concentrat- ed in such a relatively small territory makes Dagestan unique on the eurasian continent. The presence of mineral springs and heal- ing muds, an abundance of diverse and beautiful land- scapes, historical and natu- ral monuments, the climate, long sandy beaches on the warm caspian Sea, ionized air, and the one-of-a-kind traditions and art of the lo- cals — all of this will certain- ly make this republic one of the most popular and well- known tourist centers in the world in the near future.

The mountains of Dagestan provide rock-climbing at all levels of difficulty

the northern part of the re- public, to tundra and glaciers high in the mountains.

Dagestan's flora includes around 4,000 species of plants. its rich and diverse fauna include 89 species of mammals, 300 species of birds, and 92 species of fish, including sturgeons. The re- public is considered relative- ly water-rich, although its network of rivers is unevenly distributed. The largest rivers of Dagestan are the Terek, Sulak, and Samur rivers.

Dagestan's coast has 2,000 sunny hours per year. its favorable and diverse natural and topographical conditions, unique water re- sources, and large number of historical and cultural mon- uments, along with active government support, could provide for rapid develop- ment of tourism and be- come a considerable factor in the competitive strength of the region.

The Republic of Dag- estan has at its disposal a unique and multifaceted complex of recreational re- sources, such as the Naryn- kala citadel, the Great cau- casian Wall at Dagbardy with the ruins of 6th cen- tury towers, the 8th century mausoleums of the khans in the city of Derbent, and 9th and 10th century structures in the vicinity of kala-kore- ish, among others. The tour- ist resources of Dagestan also include the unusual ar- chitecture of its mountain

Conquering the alps International Life Magazine

River kayaking on one of Dagestan’s waterways

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