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New Nuclear Arms Treaty Was Signed In Prague

PRaGUe — On april 8, 2010 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and U.S. President Barack Obama have signed a new treaty to restrict coun- tries to the number of nuclear weap- ons they can hold.

Under the treaty signed in Prague today, each country is to reduce the number of nuclear warheads from the current limit of 2,200 to 1,550 in the next seven years.

This deal will also allow only 700 so-called weapon delivery vehicles for each side, and let 18 inspections per year.

Obama said: "Today is an impor- tant milestone for nuclear security and nonproliferation, and for U.S.–Russia relations. it fulfills our common objec- tive to negotiate a New Strategic arms Reduction Treaty. it includes signifi- cant reductions in the nuclear weapons that we will deploy. it cuts our deliv-

tegic arms Reduction Treaty (STaRT) that expired last December.

almost a year to the day ago Obama spoke to huge crowds right outside of the Prague castle gates, where new treaty was signed now, about nuclear- free world. he said: "One year ago this week, i came here to Prague and gave a speech outlining america's compre- hensive commitment to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and seek- ing the ultimate goal of a world with- out them,” "i said then and i'll repeat now that this is a long-term goal, one that may not even be achieved in my lifetime, but i believed then, as i do now, that the pursuit of that goal will move us further beyond the cold War, strengthen the global nonproliferation regime, and make the United States and the world safer and more secure."

as optimistic and promising both presidents sounded while talking about

id and effective only in the absence of a qualitative and quantitative up- grade in any missile-defense system, which could ultimately pose a threat to Russia's strategic forces,” "That is the point of our statement, which is being made upon the signing of this agreement and which will of course be published."

Just prior to the press conference where both presidents came, krem- lin distributed the statement presi- dent Medvedev was mentioning. This statement was described as “unilater- al” by the official White house web- site immediately after it was released by kremlin. The website stated that those conditions from the Russian side where not included in writing in the treaty wording.

ery vehicles by roughly half. it includes a comprehensive verification regime which allows us to further build trust."

President Medvedev said "a historic event has taken place" and new trea- ty is "important for the entire planet.” “We have achieved a document that fully maintains the balance of interests of Russia and the United States," "The main point is that there are no winners and losers here. This is, as they say, a 'win-win situation.'"

This newly signed treaty is the long- awaited continuation of the 1991 Stra-

future cooperation, there is still a big point of unresolved disagreement left. The unspoken issue is about missile- defense systems.

Medvedev made the warning that Russia would not stay with a treaty if the United States would keep increas- ing its missile defense in a way that would present a threat to nuclear po- tential of Russia's strategies.

President Medvedev said: "We be- lieve and our american partners know this, as it is our declared posi- tion — that the agreement can be val-

"if we had agreed to it, the issue would be put into the treaty text, or is- sued as a 'joint' statement. in fact, the United States issued its own unilat- eral statement, indicating that it plans to continue to develop and deploy its missile-defense systems in order to de- fend itself. Neither the Russian state- ment nor the U.S. statement is legally binding on the other party “ — said the White house website.

President Obama did not give any direct comment on the disagreement, but what was said that he and Medve- dev would expand their discussions on missile defense

Photo credit: www. rb7.ru

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