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The Final Puzzle: Seeing the Deal and Dealing With the Unforeseeable

point is that ignoring the mainstream markets will lead to orders of magnitude lower sales and value growth in your intellectual property.

Certainly, the failure scenarios that are described in both Adizes’ and Moore’s books are later-stage scenarios – meaning that they are failures that your enterprise would not likely experience until it is well into the advanced stages of product development or marketing and sales. Nevertheless, these books both define root causes of these late-stage failures that start at much earlier stages of the startup enterprise. For example, Moore’s book makes it very clear that your very early market- analysis work must address both the segment of people who will happily buy your product and the segment who will only buy it reluctantly. If you are to become most successful, you need to have something that even the reluctant will buy!

I heartily encourage you to read these additional books and talk more with other small-business experts about their experiences with failure scenarios. Don’t let the discussion of business failure scenarios dissuade

you from launching your improve your plans so you








can eliminate or minimize the possibility of

predictable failures in your enterprise. Then you confidence and focus your daily attentions

can on

move forward with those unexpected

challenges that are almost certain to occur. Going back shared earlier in this chapter, a key qualification for the

to a quote that I successful CEO is

an ability to survive multiple, “near-death” experiences! about those sudden, “near-death” experiences that might predict.

Let’s talk now not be easy to

Judgment and action – the keys to deal with unpredictable challenges

First, I want to be clear that I am not going to, nor would it be possible for me to describe all of the possible daily challenges that you might encounter in your business. Challenges will come from many sources, and the most problematic sources of your challenges will be very specific to your product and market. In other words, the things that will be most confounding to a software-development company might be very different than those for a company making children’s toys. So the


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