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Organization should have been handled differently from the start (be very clear about the perspective from which you write, e.g., global, American, Chinese, and therefore about your objectives).  Include a brief section at the end (no more than 20 percent of your total pages) on how to handle China’s accession ideally from this point on, given the actual history that has gone before.  (Text word limit: 5000 words).  7/97.

2.  [Note: This question is for those taking both this course and the course in The Political Economy of the Pacific Rim.]  Write a detailed, carefully argued essay on how China’s current financial/structural problems will be solved better than Thailand’s, Indonesia’s, or Brazil’s in the late 1990s.  (If you don’t think that likely, do not choose this question.)  Carefully analyze why, e.g., the problems were not as severe; China had better internal problem-solving; or international economic organizations learned from the earlier experience and performed better when confronted with China.  (Text word limit: 2500 words).  7/97.

3. Would the “world” have been better off if the United States had adequately supported the Havana Charter for an International Trade Organization (ITO) so that it, instead of the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), had come into being in the late 1940s.  Specifically, speculate on how the world’s past 50 years of history would have been different with an ITO instead of a GATT (you need not assume that the ITO would have lasted 50 years; in fact, you should also speculate on how it might have evolved or devolved).  Be very careful in your answer to:

-- condition your answer on what part of the “world” you are talking about;

-- define “better off” precisely -- economically wealthier?  More equitable (give a meaning to “equity”).  Politically more stable?  (Text word limit: 5000 words).  7/97.

4. Choose a reasonably important international institution of microeconomics or macroeconomics that is not represented in the readings and explain its purpose, functions, structure, challenges, and comparability (or lack thereof) to the institutions that we have studied explicitly.  Make sure to make your discussion both descriptive and analytic, as indicated in the outline of readings.  What accounts for your institution’s lower profile?  (Text word limit: 2500 words). 7/97.

5. [Note: This question is for those taking both this course and the course in The Political Economy of the Pacific Rim.] Describe (do not prescribe) the likely role of Pacific Rim governments in international organizations in the year 2020.  Be as precise and as detailed and as persuasive as you can be.  (Text word limit: 2500 words). 7/97.

6. Take one particular international organization from those represented in the readings above and predict how it will change in the coming 20 years with regard to

-- public-private partnership and the role it gives to NGOs;

-- amount of the work of the organization done by technocrats under the oversight of diplomats, rather than by the diplomats themselves;

-- whether it will have regional counterparts, and if so, what their relative power will be (and linkage to your multilateral organization).

Evaluate whether the trends that you describe will enhance the chance that the international

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