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MSSc Program

SOS 750-1, 750-2

Grading Standards

and Conventions

Longer Papers

Each of your longer papers will receive four grades from me, each of which is important. But I will not determine the exact relative weights on each of the four components, until you have handed in all your assignments, when I evaluate your overall performance.  

One reason is for leaving the four grades unweighted is that I want to reward improvement over the course of your research and writing in any of the four dimensions below.  If I see it, I will reduce the weight on any low grades from early longer papers.

Here are the four criteria I will use in assigning your four grades:

1. Content: Presence of a Thesis (Point of View), Depth of Perspective, Detail, Accuracy, Quality of Analysis/Synthesis, Documentation.

2. Organization: Sectioning, Paragraphing, Transitioning, Composition, “Cue-ing.”

3. Persuasiveness: Forcefulness, Creativity, Coverage of Critical Views, Quality of Deliberation, “Engaging-ness.”

4. Composition: Format, Citations, Spelling, Grammar, Precision and Appropriateness of Word Choice.

Legend for my marginal notes:

Check marks mean something distinctively or especially good.

Exclamation marks mean I enjoyed the way you said it!

Ellipses (. . .) mean that you could have and should have said more along the same line.

Circles indicate spelling mistakes or inappropriate word choices.

Sent usually means something is wrong, maybe that your sentence is not a sentence.

Awk means your words or phrasing are reasonably clear but awkward.

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