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Background to International Sports Sponsorship

  • Sponsoring allows you to reach specific target markets with a lower financial investment than a traditional advertising campaign, activating a process of automatic communication.

  • Sports sponsorship has one clear advantage over TV advertising in as much as the consumer is actively choosing to watch sports and the sponsorship within them. It is a personal choice that involves emotions which are automatically transferred to the partner / brand sponsor of the event. The companies sponsoring a team, a professional or a tournament, will be perceived in a positive way because the values of the sport are transferred onto the brand/product.

  • Its effective – audience figures of major sports events are much higher than most prime time programs. The value is greater in as much as you are penetrating a much broader target specific group - enhancing awareness of the brand and or product.

  • Sponsorship can be used as a platform to create a lot of other marketing activities. Each partnership can be defined into various sub-activities that will increase the brand awareness and will involve the target market more directly..

  • Golf is an internationally high profile game and historically one of the most affluent sports. Both participants and spectators have access to a lifestyle and financial capacity that goes hand in hand with the image of the game. Moreover, in recent years Golf has started to appeal to a“cooler” generation of sportsman; this has in part been due to the success of Tiger Woods and his partnership with Nike. This legendary sponsorship deal has created a hype of publicity which has projected the game into a new dimension.


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