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Speedy Claims Form Filler Software

for CMS-1500 Claim Forms

Get paid faster with the ultimate in CMS-1500 software - Speedy Claims is what you need to print and le your paper claims quickly and easily to all your insurance payers.

Simpler to use than other form ller software Free updates with no add-on costs Free technical support is included Automatic backup of all your data Lower cost than other form ller software Choose CD ROM, Download or Flash Drive

Speedy Claims for Paper Claim Filing

The ultimate CMS-1500 software... Speedy Claims is what you need to complete and file paper claim forms quickly and easily.

Speedy Claims for Electronic Claims

All the features of Speedy Claims plus the ability to send your claims electronically. You can print and/or create a file that can be sent to a clearing- house for electronic filing.

Professional Speedy Claims Perfect for Medical Billing Agencies and practices

that bill for multiple providers. The software creates a separate database for each provider. For example, when the user selects Dr. Green they see and use his information only. When they switch to Dr. Brown they no longer see Dr. Green’s data. For electronic ling only.

Paper Version Software (Paper filing only)

Item # CMSDL - Speedy Claims1500 - Download Item # CMSCD - Speedy Claims1500 - CD Disc

Item # CMSFD - Speedy Claims1500 - Flash Drive

Electronic Version (Paper or electronic filing)

Item # CMSDLE - Speedy Claims1500 - Download Item # CMSCDE - Speedy Claims1500 - CD Disc

Item # CMSFDE - Speedy Claims1500 - Flash Drive

Available as CD ROM, Download or Flash Drive

Professional Version (Electronic filing only)

Item # CMSDLP - Speedy Claims1500 - Download Item # CMSCDP - Speedy Claims1500 - CD Disc

Item # CMSFDP - Speedy Claims1500 - Flash Drive


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