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Jesus said "He who is not with me is against me..." In the war between Christ and Satan neutrality is impossible.

Is This the END of Christianity in America?

An estimated 100,000 churches HAVE CLOSED THEIR DOORS in the decade of the 1990's!"

Voddie Baucham -The Ever Loving Truth

What's the reason for 100,000 churches closing in America this last decade?

For the first time in history a major denomination (the 16 million Southern Baptists) have considered a resolution calling for parents to pull their kids out of what (the resolution calls) 'the godless, anti-Christian- public schools'. Bruce Shortt co-sponsor of the SBC resolution & heard on #850 Come Out & Be Separate

Bruce Shortt sites the Baptist's own statistics that 88% of children raised in the church drop out

by age 18.   If this trend continues, Bruce says,

"We will be presiding over the liquidation of the American Church."

Think about THAT!  WOW! What's more important than the souls of millions of children?  What's more important to GOD than these precious little souls?  Is the Church in America missing its most important God-given mission? How much longer can Christians continue sending 90% of their children to public schools and continue to exist - - - as a Church?

No matter what success we have in fighting social problems, if we lose the next generation we lose the future and all the future social battles. In other words we lose the war!

And conversely:

If we train up our children so that they love the Lord with all their hearts and minds we will soon no longer need to fight against homosexuality, abortion, pornography… the next generation will grow up knowing and doing right instead of wrong.  That why children should be our top priority.

Children Our Top Priority #846

This is one of the most important programs we've made.  George Barna, Director for Barna Research Group, and author of Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, has an urgent message of life and death for the Church in America!  Because Christian children have not been a high priority for the Church, we're losing the culture war and each succeeding generation.

Barna's research shows that by age 13 a child has formed most of his core beliefs and won't change much after that. With only 3% of 13 year olds having a Biblical worldview, what does this say for the future?

LISTEN: 97% of 13 year olds DO NOT HAVE A CHRISTIAN WORLD VIEW and are unlikely to ever get one. This means the future of America will be thoroughly pagan and ripe for God's judgement!

Barna's research indicates:

 A person's values and beliefs are well established before they become a teenager.

 A person's moral foundations are laid by the age of 9! (AMAZING! A child's morals are set by age 9!)

 In most cases, spiritual beliefs are IRREVOCABLY formed when they are a pre-teenager!

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