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 Since most of those who become believers in Christ do so before age 13 (only 10% after that) why do

    Christians send their children to anti-Christian schools?  

The first dozen years of a person's life determines what they will be like for the rest of their lives and where they will spend eternity. Instead of asking what kind of education is best, parents need to ask what kind of person do they want their child to become?  

These statistics are the tip of the iceberg. GET THE BOOK by Barna - Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions. Transforming children into SPIRITUAL CHAMPIONS doesn't happen by accident. It takes a PLAN.  A good place to start is getting the book. We are offering it this quarter.

The greatest hope for the local Church lies In RAISING GODLY CHILDREN. Yet for most churches this is not a priority. Only 3% of church even have a Christian school.

But I send my children to public school to be good Christian witnesses.

Is this for real or just an excuse? IF YOU PUT ONE GOOD APPLE IN A BARREL FILLED WITH ROTTEN ONES, DO THE ROTTEN ONES GET BETTER or does the good one get like the others?

How can a child be a Christian witness when they have to sit quietly in secular classes taught by secular teachers with secular textbooks?  With 88% of Christian children leaving the church whom is really doing the evangelizing? Is it any wonder only 4% of Americans have a Christian worldview?

Children are not adults -- they are immature and untrained. They are in school to learn – not teach. No where in scripture are children missionaries.  It's no longer a matter of opinion- it’s a fact- an anti-Christian education produce anti-Christian students. No, not all will succumb but 88% of them. Jesus said: "A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher." A school system that ignores God and teaches its students to ignore God is atheistic.

HOW CAN CHRISTIAN CHILDREN BE 'GOOD CHRISTIAN WITNESSES' WHEN 97% of them don't have a CHRISTIAN WORLD VIEW THEMSELVES? - Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions.

Come OUT & Be Separate #860

Bruce Shortt & Dr Bob Simonds, Pres. CEE

The Bible compares children to arrows in the hands of a warrior.  "Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them." Ps 127:4-5

Bruce Shortt asks the question: "What warrior would give his arrows to his enemy?" If he did they would soon be turned against him.  Just as it's foolish for a warrior to give his arrows to his enemy, so it's foolish to give your children to a system that will change your child's Christian beliefs.

"Millions of Christian children sit in anti-Christian government schools 7 hours a day for their most impressionable 12 years where God is treated as irrelevant to every area of life! Thus many (88%) of Christian children are converted to an anti-Christian world view INSTEAD of evangelizing their classmates."

In Jesus' Great Commission ("Go into all the world and make disciples…" Jesus says, "teach them…"Mt 28) Jesus told Christians, not humanists, to teach His disciples! And he didn't mean just Sunday morning.  God never told us to try to take the world by force (like Islam) or clever arguments (like philosophers), but He did tell us to raise children who would honor God in all they do.

Why are public schools unacceptable for Christian children?

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