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ruled constitutional by a federal judge. This isn't a class on world religion but indoctrination into Islam.

WAR On Terrorism #852

Americans are shocked at Muslim terrorist acts, like the beheading of innocent civilians, but have little understanding behind the religious motivation. America is at war, but how does this generation wage war when they're being raised on tolerance, multiculturalism and non-judgmentalism (instead of good versus evil)?  

Dr Bob Morey, an expert on Islam who has authored over 40 books, has two doctorates, and predicted 911, has the answer for winning our war on terrorism.  Muslim terrorists won't stop at killing fellow Muslims, their family, or themselves or anything else. But there is one way to defeat Islamic terrorism. Dr Morey's plan would stop terrorism. Get this highly requested program to find out more.

You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff? If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the terminal?

A Godly Education  #847

97% of home schooled graduates continue in the Christian faith, but 75-90% of public schooled children loose their faith. Israel Wayne is one of a new generation of home school graduates who is now home schooling his own children. Israel Wayne's family was part of Dr Brian Ray's study on home schooling and was featured in Time Magazine.

Israel Wayne is one of six who were all home schooled by a single mom without a 9th grade education.

Jesus said, "Seek first the Kingdom of God… love the Lord your God with your entire MIND…" A secular education can't teach that but a home school education can.

American Independence #848

Why did Americans break away from Great Britain? According to historian and author of The Light And The Glory - Peter Marshall, Americans were not rebelling from Britain but defending themselves from the tyrannical King George and restoring a Godly government.   Their slogan was, "No King but JESUS!"

Are we exchanging our U.S. Constitution for a U.N. charter?   Tom Deweese, President of the American Policy Center, reports that the U.S. Department of Education is funding a new U.N. propaganda program that downplays patriotism and prepares students to accept a one-world government.

By Design #849

Unscientific ideas from the 1800's:

√ The moon is populated by furry winged creatures. √ Decaying meat spontaneously turned into maggots.

√  Grain turned into rodents, and mud became frogs.  √ Diseases can be cured by opening the window to get fresh air.  √ People evolved from apes.

Is evolution just a harmless "scientific" theory taught at school?  Surveys of students who reject the gospel often do so because they believe evolution has disproven the Bible. Christians have been lulled into believing that evolution is scientific and not religious.  But evolution is a religion competing for the minds of young people and robbing many of their belief in God.  

Medical doctor, Jeffrey Simmons, has studied the human body, evolution and design for over 40 years. Dr Simmons has written seven books and his most recent is A Medical Doctor Dissects the Theory of Evolution – What Darwin Didn't Know.   There is tremendous design in every area of

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