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– Jesus came to set the captives free!  Neil T. Anderson's newest book is Finding Freedom in a Sex Obsessed World.  Neil gives some specific action steps to overcome sexual bondage.

The Drugging of A Nation #840

Why are perfectly healthy children being drugged with mind/mood altering drugs like Ritalin?  The number one childhood illness is now attention deficit hyperactive disorder –ADHD & ADD.  Is the problem with disruptive children or schools just trying to control kids?   Our guests are both experts who have testified before the US Congress on the abuse of legal drugs for controlling overactive student behavior. Dr Fred Baughman, a neurologist for 35 years, and Dr Karen Effram, a pediatrician and public policy analyst, helped pass a new law that protects schoolchildren from being forced to take drugs.

Considering Home Schooling #839

For parents who say, "Our children go to a really GOOD school," we would ask, what is a really good school?  With one-fourth of the nation's schools FAILING academically, and all teaching only EVOLULTION– can any public school be "really good" for a Christian child?  Denise Cantor and Cathy Lowers have started a ministry called, Considering Home Schooling, to alert parents to the dangers, academically, intellectually, spiritually and physically, of a public school education.  Their focus is on parents with babies and young children and even those with kids currently in public school.

The Ever Loving Truth #851

Are public schools religiously neutral?  Can TRUTH be taught at school, or is it too religious?  What really is truth? Most Americans no longer believe there is an absolute truth.

Voddie Baucham, author of The Ever Loving Truth- Can Faith Thrive in a Post-Christian Culture?, has an amazing testimony. Although he was raised in the ghetto, surrounded by drugs and violence, and a single mom who was a Buddhist, he earned a Master's and Doctorate degrees in theology, and is now one of the nation's most sought after preachers and teachers. In this fascinating interview, Voddie exposes the hypocrisy of "tolerance" and speaks out against other cultural myths.

In times of moral crisis neutrality is treason.  Voddie is on a crusade for the "ever loving TRUTH!" He is living proof of a life TRANSFORMED by the Master Craftsman who creates souls for eternity and uses them on earth.

The Eternal Prize #853

The athletic excellence of the Olympic Games challenges parents to instill a passion for sports in their children without making sports their god. Andrea Jaeger, author of First Service-Following God's Calling and Finding Life's Purpose, was the #2 female tennis star in the world but realized there was more to life than winning tennis tournaments.  Her purpose in life is serving the Lord in helping children with cancer enjoy spending time on her Colorado ranch.  

The first American woman to win 5 Olympic gold medals, Mary Lou Retin, talks about what it takes to be a TRUE winner.

University Anti-Americanism #835

Are government schools robbing future generations of the freedoms past generations won for us?  Recent tests show public-schooled students have, within this past decade, learned a socialistic mindset.  With over 10,000 Marxist professors, universities have become the power bases for liberalism, socialism and communism.   We take for granted what we have until we hear someone like Russian immigrant Jamie Glazov tell of the torture and oppression in Russia versus the freedom and joy here.  

Remember Telemechus!

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