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What to do

What to say

Encourage others to explore your model, your assumptions and your data.

“What do you think about what I just said?” or “Do you see any flaws in my reasoning?” or “What can you add?”

Even when advocating: listen, stay open and encourage other to provide different views.

“Do you see it differently?”

There is help in the process and models to learn from.  The Achieving the Dream initiative is an example of a multiyear, multi-college approach to improving student success in community colleges that emphasizes data and evidence as the basis of improvement..  More details of the Achieving the Dream approach and developing a culture of evidence can be found at http://www.achievingthedream.org/default.tp.

Web Sites and References for Learning

Learning Centered Colleges

Information on Terry O’Banion can be found at the League for Innovation in the Community College web site at http://www.league.org/index.cfm. The Lumina Foundation has a special section on community colleges http://www.luminafoundation.org/publications/focus_archive/winter_2006/twoyearinstitutions.html.  The Achieving the Dream site http://www.achievingthedream.org/default.tp provides resources and strategies for improvement at community colleges.  

Teaching and Learning

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teachers http://www.luminafoundation.org/publications/focus_archive/winter_2006/twoyearinstitutions.html provides an excellent general and detailed source on teaching in higher education.  Of special note is the Strengthening Pre-collegiate Education in Community Colleges (SPECC) section of the web site at http://www.carnegiefoundation.org/programs/index.asp?key=26. Materials also can be found on learning communities, faculty learning about learning and practical uses of data. Additional materials and sharing of information can be found at the Learning Commons http://commons.carnegiefoundation.org/.

IMPLEMENTING THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES: Technology as Lever is expanded information on the 7 principles. http://www.tltgroup.org/programs/seven.html.

The Seven Principles are presented with implementation ideas at http://cte.udel.edu/TAbook/principles.html.

The Center for Teaching Effectiveness provides an extensive site on Best Practices in Higher Education http://cte.udel.edu/bestpract.htm.  

A nice handbook for professors and teaching assistants can be found on the University of Ottawa web site.  

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