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Webfolios or CD-ROMs can be easily viewed, duplicated, and stored.

Collective Portfolios

Some of the benefits of traditional portfolios, with much less work!

Collective Portfolio Strengths and Weaknesses

Potential Strengths

Potential Weaknesses

Can provide direct evidence of student mastery of learning outcomes.

Students generally are motivated to display the extent of their learning.

Workload demands generally are more manageable than traditional portfolios.

Can help faculty identify curriculum gaps, lack of alignment with outcomes.

Students are not required to do extra work.

The evaluation process should directly lead faculty into discussions of student learning, curriculum, pedagogy, and student support services.

Data collection is unobtrusive to students.

If assignments are not aligned with the outcomes being examined, evidence may be problematic.

If sampling is not done well, results may not generalize to the entire program.

Reviewing the materials takes time and planning.

Strategies for Indirect Assessment of Student Learning

Indirect assessment of student learning can provide needed information for course, program and institutional level achievement.  Three major techniques can be used: Surveys, Interviews and Focus Groups.  


Point-of-contact surveys

Online, e-mailed, registration, or grad check surveys

Keep it simple!

Survey Strengths and Weaknesses

Potential Strengths

Potential Weaknesses

● Are flexible in format and can include questions about many issues.

● Can be administered to large groups of respondents.

● Can easily assess the views of various stakeholders.

● Usually has face validity—the questions

● Provides indirect evidence about student learning.

● Their validity depends on the quality of the questions and response options.

● Conclusions can be inaccurate if biased samples are obtained.

● Results might not include the full array of

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