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Program Assessment and Program Review

The following materials on program assessment and program review are tied into two presentations4 given in early 2008 by the junior and senior WASC commissions that represent the best (latest) thinking regarding program review and continuous improvement.  The two presentations take very different approaches, but move in the same direction toward seeing integration of program assessment and program review as part of a broader continuous improvement cycle that also ties together planning and resources allocation with program assessment and program review.  

The college in its strategic plan development in 2006 adopted the Intergraded Planning, Evaluation and Resources Allocation (continuous improvement cycle) shown on the next page that features Institutional Assessment & Effectiveness as the core that drives planning for improvement and decision making on resource allocation.

The following sections provide an overview of program assessment and program review and how the college design addresses accreditation concerns.

Purpose of Program Review (ACCJC)

Construct an effective, integrated system of program review, planning, and resource allocation

Enable the institution to continually assess its effectiveness

Use results of this assessment to advance effectiveness and educational quality

Differences between Program Assessment and Program Review

Program-level assessment means we look at learning on the program level (not just individual student or course level) and ask what all the learning experiences of a program add up to, at what standard of performance (results).

Program review looks for program-level assessment of student learning but goes beyond it, examining other components of the program (mission, faculty, facilities, demand, etc.)

Linking Program Assessment & Program Review

The college is using the concept and process of evaluation questions for development of its assessment plans and reports.  A well constructed evaluation questions can easily lead to combination of assessment and program review indicators.  Some examples follow.

4 The two presentations: Model of an Effective Program Review given by Vice President Jack Pond of ACCJC at an accreditation self study training in April 2008 and Integrating Student Learning into Program Review by Associate Director Barbara Wright of WASC at an WASC accreditation conference in February 2008. Both presentations are available on the college’s IRPO web site.

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