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Evaluation question: Do students posses workforce readiness skills? Evidence and data could include evidence of student learning in the classrooms, but also of employer surveys and surveys of work study student supervisors.

Evaluation question: Is the … program meeting its mission?  Evidence and data could include evidence of student learning in the classroom, graduation rates, retention rates, employer surveys, student surveys etc, transfer data, evidence from transfer institutions, etc.

Integrated Planning, Evaluation and Resource Allocation System

The diagram on the following page shows the college’s integrated planning, evaluation and resource allocation system.  The system is centered on the development of annual plans for all programs, offices and services that are based on program assessment and evaluation, institutional effectiveness indicators, enrollment management and equity indicators, institutional and program/office surveys and input from stakeholders. The annual improvement plans are expanded through development of assessment plans that set forth evaluation questions, identify data and evidence to be collected and analysis to be conducted with timelines and persons responsible.  The Assessment report directly addresses each evaluation question and major data/evidence collected and identifies use of results for improvement.  The timeline of major assessment and program review activities is included at the end of this section.  

The institutional framework to support program assessment and program review includes Assessment Working Groups at each college campus, a college wide Assessment Committee and the Planning and Resources Committee. An annual President’s Retreat allow the college and stakeholders to jointly reflect on what has been accomplished based on the data and evidence from program assessment and program review, identify strengths and weaknesses and determine institutional effectiveness in meeting the colleges mission.  

The Assessment Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving improvement and assessment plans and reports.  Of major concern is to ensure quality of plans and reports across different programs and campuses.  Recognition is given to different approaches to improvement and assessment, but ensuring that quality standards are met.  Results of the Assessment Committee along with its minutes are maintained on the college’s IRPO web site along with Program Review Indicators and major college planning documents and assessments.  

The Assessment Committee reports all results to the Planning and Resources Committee for use in setting priorities and determining resource allocation.  Results of the Planning and Resources Committee are currently maintained on the college’s IRPO web site.

The following table provides information on how the college’s integrated Planning, Evacuation and Resource Allocation System responds to program review issues of ACCJC.

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