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College of Micronesia – FSM/Continuous Improvement Cycle

The Program Assessment and Program Review Report shows the summary of the data and its interpretation and recommendations for use of the results for improvement.   The college’s Assessment Committee reviews and approves the assessment plan and transmits the results to the Planning and Resources Committee (representatives reflect all segments of the college plus external stakeholders) for use in decision making.  

An annual President’s Retreat is designed to bring together key stakeholders from the college and community to reflect on the year (emphasis on understanding of data and evaluation results) and determine priorities for the upcoming year.

The Institutional Priorities and Program Assessment and Program Review Report

The Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement Level of Program Review

Program review processes are ongoing, systematic, and used to assess and improve student learning and achievement

The institution reviews and refines the program review process to improve institutional effectiveness

The results of program review are used to continually refine and improve program practices resulting in improvements in student achievement and learning

The Integrated Planning, Evaluation and Resource Allocation system is an ongoing process that provides results of Program Review on an annual basis to impact the budget development and resource allocation process.  Program Assessment follows a two year cycle with focus on formative assessment the first year to ensure changes (improvement) in pedagogy, improvement in services and delivery are implemented as designed to ensure the summative evaluation addresses the impact of those changes on improvement in student learning and support services.  

The next cycle’s improvement plan is developed immediately after the completion of the report on Program Assessment and Program Review is completed.

The Institutional Program Review and Assessment Cycle timeline and description on activities, events and report due dates can be seen at the end of this section.  

Major Surveys

To assist with both Program Assessment and Program Review, the college administers a series of major survey of students, faculty, staff and stakeholders by the following schedule.  Results of the surveys are posted on the college’s web site and used by individual programs and offices for use in their Program Assessment and Program Reviews.  Other program and office specific surveys are administered as required by the Program Assessment Plans.  



Administrative Satisfaction Survey

March each year

Student Services Satisfaction Survey

March each year

Academic programs satisfaction survey

April each year

CRE & other programs satisfaction survey

November each year

Employer satisfaction survey

November bi-yearly (even years)

Academic &Student Services Program Indicators

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