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The following table reflects the core indicators that are collected and used in program review activities of the college.  Individual programs and offices may elect to track additional indicators.  

Academic Program Review Indicators

Program enrollment

Graduation rate

Average class size

Student seat cost

Course complete rate for the program

Students’ satisfaction rate

Employment data

Transfer data

Program’s student learning outcomes

Students’ learning outcomes for program courses


Reference: Policy on Instructional Programs Evaluation 5/2006

Student Services Program Indicators

Evaluation of program goals by objective measure

Evaluation of students’ learning outcomes for programs

Evaluation of efficiency of program

Cost effectiveness evaluation

Program completion rate

Surveys of students’ satisfaction rate

Review of staff employment data/turnover

Other measures to be determined


Reference: Policy on Student Services Programs Evaluation  12/2005

Role of the Student Information System (SIS) in Program Review

To improve its ability to report on critical indicators in an accurate and timely manner, the college has developed a new web based Student Information System (SIS).  The SIS went live at noon time May 29, 2009.  The college’s IRPO office is responsible for developing and reporting.  

Assessment & program review issues for COM-FSM

Currently there are a number of issues being addressed for improvement of the program assessment and program review at the college.  

Consistency in quality of instruction and assessment across campuses


Agreement on rubrics, approaches to embedded questions, common assignments across the same courses delivered at different campuses


Agreement on general education assessment

Consistency in quality of administrative and support services across all campuses

Equity in quality and quantity of services, facilities, personnel across all campuses

Seeing assessment & program review as a fundamental responsibility of all personnel

Seeing individual, program, office, department and campuses roles in continuous improvement of programs and services across the college

Blend of improvement outcomes/objectives across the system and site/program specific improvement

Documentation of improvement activities


Monthly & quarterly performance reports

Reporting against plans – outcomes & objectives

Reporting against intuitional properties


Formal assessment & program review reports

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