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Administrative and Support Services Assessment

The assessment process for administrative and support services assessment follows a similar pattern to academic programs.   The administrative and support services will develop and assessment plan, collect assessment data and close the loop for improvement.  There are, however, a few differences in steps and methods used.  The biggest difference is the concentration on what services are provided by the administrative unit.  The focus of assessment is on how to improve those services and ensure that they are linked to the overall mission and goals of the college and affect students.  

Nichols recommends in his Roadmap a six step process for assessment of administrate units:  

Steps for Administrative Assessment Process


Establish a linkage to the institution’s mission


Established department, office or unit administrative mission statement


Develop administrative objectives


Identify means of assessment and criteria for assessment


Conduct Assessment Activities


Close the loop–collective reflection and action

Step 1 Establish a linkage to the institution’s mission

Administrative and support units often have a difficult time in linking their services to the mission of the college.  In the case of our current strategic plan, most administrative and support units can link their services to strategic goals.  Normally the goal or goals under which you report your monthly and quarterly activities would be your linkage to the overall mission and goals of the college.  

Step 2 Established department, office or unit administrative mission statements

Each administrative and support unit should establish a Mission statement that includes the services that the unit provides.  

Nichols recommends first provide a philosophical statement that may be very similar to what might be found in other institutions.    A career center might have the philosophical statement such as “to assist student in transition from academia to the world of work by preparing student for life after graduation”.  The general statement is supplemented by the specific services that the unit or program is providing.  

The Administrative Unit mission should be updated to reflect changes in the services being provided.  Services will change overtime.  For example, we can expect a number of changes in administrative services as the new Student Information System (SIS) comes on line.  It may also

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