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Determine which questions can be addressed given the resources and constrat5ints for the evaluation (money, deadlines, access to informants and sites)

Please see the worksheets in Appendix B for ideas on developing evaluation questions.  

Types of Assessment for Administrative and Support Unites

The basis issue in assessing administrative and support units is to understand if we are accomplishing our objectives and at what level of accomplishment.  There are four main types of assessment for administrative and support units.  

Attitudinal assessment – measuring the levels of student satisfaction

Direct measures – counting the degree/volume of service

External validation – offered by agencies or peers not associated with the institution

Observation or performance of clients

Attitudinal assessment provides information on the perception of clients to the services provided.  The attitudinal assessment may be collected through locally developed surveys or by college participation in standardized surveys.  

Local surveys are those that are developed, administered and analyzed by the college.  Examples are the orientation and registration survey and the communications survey conducted in 2005 and 2006.  Local surveys may be hand scored or web based.  The college currently uses a web based tool (Survey Monkey) for recording and analysis of survey results.  If you are interested and feel your assessment would be helped by a local survey, contact IRPO for assistance.  Often it is best to combine several offices or program surveys into one.  There is always a danger of having too many surveys.  There are alternatives to surveys.  After Action Reviews, Focus Groups and other mechanisms may also provide needed information to help complete your assessment.  

Additionally, a number of surveys are institutional in nature.  These would include survey for graduates and/or employers.  If you are in need of information from institutional level surveys, contact IRPO.  A number of the institutional surveys are under development and input on what to survey is needed.   

The college is looking into participation in standardized surveys.  Survey such as the Community College Survey of Student Engagement or useful for obtaining data on the college and having a comparison to similar peer institutions.  The college also participates in the Integrated Postsecondary Education System (IPEDS).  Information from this survey can be obtained from IRPO and also from the IPES web site.  If there is a standardized survey that you feel would be useful in conducting your assessment, contact your supervisor and/or the Office of Institutional Research and Planning.  Normally, there is a cost for participating in standardized assessments.  

Direct responses may provide useful information.  A count of:

Volume of activity, such a number of persons serviced

Levels of efficiency, such as the average time for response

Measures of quality, such as average errors per audit

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