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Absolute attainment assessment – Assessment determines how well students have mastered learning objectives.  The emphasis is on absolute attainment, rather than value-added-do students exhibit mastery of learning objectives at acceptable levels?

Actionable results – Results are actionable if they allow assessor to identify what needs to be changed to improve student learning.

Alignment – How well two systems converge for a common purpose; for example, how well the curriculum corresponds with program learning outcomes.

Alignment matrix – A matrix (table) that shows the relationship between two sets of categories, such as the relationship between program and course learning objectives.

Analytic rubric - A rubric for making a series of judgments, each assessing a characteristic of the product being evaluated.

Anonymity – Data elements cannot be associated with individual respondents.

Assessment – The collection and use of evidence to improve a product or a service.

Assessment steps (for program assessment) – Faculty develop learning objectives, check for alignment between the curriculum and the objectives, develop and implement an assessment plan, use result to improve the programs and routinely examine the assessment process and correct it, as needed.

Authentic assessment - The assessment process is similar to or embedded in relevant real-world activities.

Autonomy – Research participants have the right to self-determination and to make decisions about participation without undue pressure that would reduce this right.

Benchmark – A criterion for assessing results compared to an empirically developed standard.  

Bias - Systematic under-or over - estimates of what is being assessed.  

Bloom’s taxonomy – A popular scheme for defining depth of processing.

Calibration (norming) – Evaluators are normed or calibrated so they consistently apply standards in the same way.

Checklist – A survey format that provides a list of options that can be selected.

Classroom assessment - Assessment to improve the teaching of specific courses and segments of courses.  

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