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Close the loop – Professionals discuss assessment results, reach conclusions about their meaning, determine implications for change, and implement them.

Close-ended questions - Questions for which answer options are predetermined by the data collector.

Closing question - Interview or focus group question that brings closure to the process.

Cluster party - A process for combine outcomes into clusters that can be assessed simultaneously.

Cluster sample – Groups of participants are assessed together, such as embedding assessment in several sections of a relevant course.

Coding scheme – A description of how to categorize responses in a content analysis.

Coefficient alpha – An indicator of internal-consistency reliability based on intercorrelations among test items.

Cohesive curriculum – A curriculum that systematically provides students opportunities to synthesize, practice, and develop increasingly complex ideas, skills, and values.

Collective portfolio – Collections of student work that are created by faculty for assessment purposes.

Competence interview – An orally administered test.

Competency – An alternative name for a learning goal or outcome.

Compound question – A question with two or more parts. Such questions might confuse respondents.

Computer-adaptive test – A test administered by a computer that is programmed to select the appropriate set of items to most efficiently and effectively measure each respondent.

Confidentiality – The person who conducts the assessment study is aware of who participated, but does not disclose this information.

Consensus – A decision-making process in which a group seeks to maximize the input and support of all participants.

Constructivism – A model for learning based on the assumption that learners actively process information and create cognitive models of reality.

Content analysis – Summarizing a set of communications by analyzing common themes and highlighting important issues.

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