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Core curriculum – A general education program that usually has a focus on interdisciplinary coursework.

Course certification – A process for approving courses for the general education program.

Course diary – A record of the syllabus, assignments, exams, topics, handouts, and student performance in a specific course.

Course-level assessment – Conducting assessment within a specific course to monitor and improve learning in this course.

Course recertification – A process for renewing approval of course for the general education program.

Criterion-referenced interpretation – Interpreting results by asking if each student satisfies the stated criterion (e.g., Is each student a competent writer?).

Curriculum map See Alignment matrix.

Deep learning – Conceptual learning which makes knowledge personal and relevant to real-world applications.

DEEP project – The Documenting Effective Educational Practice (DEEP) project is focused on characteristics of campuses with higher than expected retention and student engagement.

Demographic characteristics – Individual characteristics, such as age and sex.

Depth of processing – Degree of command of what is learned, ranging from knowledge of facts to the ability to use information to solve problems, create new ideas, and evaluate relative merit.

Developmental assessment – Repeated assessment information on individual students is used to track, verify, and support student development.

Developmental portfolio – A portfolio designed to show student progress by comparing products from early and late stages of the student’s academic career.

Differences between ratings – An indicator of inter-rater reliability.

Digital portfolio See Webfolio

Direct measure – Students demonstrate that they have achieved a learning outcome.

Distributed general education program – The general education program consists of a wide variety of options for each requirement.

Embedded assessment – Assessment activities occur in courses. Students generally are graded on this work, and some or all of it is also used to assess program learning outcomes.

Engagement – Active, rather than passive involvement.

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