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Internal consistency reliability – A reliability estimate based on how highly parts of  a test correlate with each other.

Inter-rater reliability – How well two or more rates agree when decisions are based on subjective judgments.

Interview protocol – A script and set of instructions for conducting interviews.

Learning outcome – A clear, concise statement that describe how students can demonstrate their mastery of a program goal.

Likert scale – A survey format that asks respondents to indicate their degree of agreement. Responses generally range from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree”.

Mission – A holistic vision of the values and philosophy of a program, department, or institution.

Norming. See Calibration.

Norms/ norm group – Results that are used to interpret the relative performance of others, e.g., test results might be compared to norms based on samples of college freshmen or college graduates.

Norm-referenced interpretation – Interpreting results by asking how well each student compared to other students (e.g., Is each student above or below average compared to other students?).

Objective – An alternative name for a learning goal or outcome.

Open-ended question – A question that invites respondents to generate replies, rather than to pick a provided answer from among options.

Outcome See Learning outcome

Parallel forms reliability – A reliability estimate based on correlating scores from two versions of the procedure.

Partially close-ended question – A question that provides an “other” option in addition to specified options. Respondents are invited to describe the “other” category.

Performances assessment – Students exhibit how well they have achieved an outcome by doing it, such as using a computer program.

Pilot study – An abbreviated study to test procedures before the full study is implemented.

Placement test – A test designed to identify where students should begin courses sequences, such as sequences in mathematics, composition, or foreign languages.

Portfolio – Compilations of students work. Students are often required to reflect on their achievement of learning outcomes and how the presented evidence supports their conclusions. See also Collective portfolio.

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